The Unit

The SDGs Advisory Unit was established in August 2017 to provide technical, policy and strategic support to the President in his global role as co-Chair of the UN Secretary General’s Eminent Group of Advocates.  This the Unit does through its 3 Ps, namely Popularisation and educational activities on the SDGs, Policy, analytics and outreach, and Partnership building and programming for accelerated implementation of the Goals. In carrying out its functions, the Unit focuses on four key streams of work:

Providing strategic advice to the President on developments in the intergovernmental arena on implementation of the SDGs to enable the President contribute substantively to global debates on SDGs implementation. This stream of work includes support to the President in building greater awareness and popularisation of the SDGs, as well as ensuring cohesive and consistent advocacy both in the context of the SDGs and the Africa Union’s Agenda 2063.  

Facilitating the President’s strategic engagement and outreach with bilateral entities, intergovernmental organisations, the private sector and key civil society actors to support the implementation of the SDGs inspired by national development plans.  

Supporting the President to promote innovative, cutting edge and smart solutions on implementing the SDGs, including identifying analytical and operational best practices to guide implementation of the SDGs, and to champion innovative tracking of SDGs commitments and results.  

Leveraging the President’s global role to accelerate awareness and implementation of the SDGs in Ghana. Main task of the President just as his colleagues, as he co-chairs the Eminent Group of SDGs Advocates is to champion a global awareness of the SDGs and the need for accelerated action.

The Unit serves as the Secretariat of the High-Level Ministerial Committee on the SDGs established in 2017 to provide leadership and strategic oversight to implementation of the Goals.  

With time, the work of the Unit has been expanded to include other intergovernmental engagements that bear on the SDGs. Notably, the Unit also provides technical backstopping to the President in his role as Chairperson of the Commission on Science and Technology for Sustainable Development in the South (COMSATS), as well as in the President’s capacity as a member of the High-Level Panel for a Sustainable Ocean Economy.  Further, the Unit serves as the technical anchor in the Office of the President in the country’s partnership with the World Economic Forum, the Global Citizens movement and the Global Green Growth Institute.